TYPING TIME - How to find it!
To find TYPING TIME, follow the steps below:

1.   Upper right corner under your log-in name, look for an icon that says "All Time"
2.   Click on "All Time"
3.   Click on "Today"
4.   Time will show in minutes (Example:  00:17 = 17 minutes)

Typing Time is different than regular time. 

1.  Typing time is actual time that you are typing. The system tracks actual time while you type.
2.  Regular time is looking at the clock and typing from 10:00 to 10:10.

I am only looking for typing time. Make sure you are checking typing time as you go through your lessons. You must have 50 minutes weekly of typing time. To see weekly time, instead of clicking on "Today", click on "This Week". 

If you ever have questions, please email me at, and I will be happy to look up your actual time and let you know how much more time you need to complete. Do not be shy!