Week of 4-4-2016

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope everyone enjoy their week off of school. We have officially covered all 6th grade Math Topics for the year. Monday and Tuesday will be important days of reviewing for our Math Simulation is this Wednesday April 6th! After Wednesday, Mrs. Stokley and myself will be doing a cool way of reviewing and preparing students for the Math 6th SOL.

Have a great week and as always please contact me if you have any questions.
Ms. Patsell

Week of 3-14-2016

Welcome Monday! We are on our last 6th grade Math topic of the year! The topic is formulas, which includes a couple of formulas. It includes perimeter, area, circumference, surface area and volume. This topic is what we will be covering up until Spring Break. Our Math Simulation test will be on April 6th, the Wednesday after we come back from Spring Break. I will be having two or three review days before Spring Break and when students come back from Spring Break, we will be reviewing all topics. This is a great opportunity for students to review and relearn topics they struggle with.

Please let me know if any questions arise!
Ms. Patsell
Week of 3-7-2016

Happy Monday! We will be completing our Quadrilateral section on Tuesday with a snapshot. Quadrilaterals have many classification students need to know... so students should be studying definitions the beginning of the week. On Wednesday, we will start Formulas. Everyone have a great week!

Ms. Patsell

Week of 2-29-2016

Happy Leap Year Week. We will be taking Monday and learning about Circle Graphs. We will have our snapshot on Circle Graphs on Tuesday and will start our topic on Quadrilaterals on Wednesday. Students should be studying Quadrilaterals definitions each night starting on Wednesday because each shape has at least three facts that need to be learned. I hope every one has a great week and as always please contact me if any questions arise.

Ms. Patsell

Week of 2-22-2016

Happy Monday. We will begin learning Measure of Center today, with Mean as a balance point. Student should already know how to calculate Mean, Median and Mode but this week we will build onto that. Students will learn a hands-on way to find the Mean... hence the title Mean as a Balance Point. We will also learn what Measure of Center to best to use in Real-Life Scenarios.

Once again, if any questions arise please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms. Patsell

Week of 2-1-2016

Welcome to the first week of February and we are back to a normal school schedule with Spring-like weather this week! We are completing our studies on Writing and Graphing Inequalities this week with our snapshot on Monday, February 1st. We will begin Probability on Tuesday. I love teaching probability, because their is so many hands-on fun activities during this topic.

Like always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Ms. Patsell 

Week of 1-19-2016

I hope everyone had a great three day weekend. In math classes this week, we will be completing out Sequence Snapshot on Tuesday. Students needed a little more time on the Snapshot and I didn't mind giving it to them, cause everyone was working really hard on it! We will start learning about Inequalities and how to write and graph an inequalities. Homework will be given on Tuesday and due back on Thursday.

Lastly, watch to weather and school sites for the snow that seems to be coming towards the end of the week!

Ms. Patsell

Week of 1-11-2016

Happy Monday Everyone! We will be learning about Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences this week. This topic has EVERYTHING to do with patterns. Homeowrk will go home on Monday and will be due on Thursday. We will finish up Sequences this week with a Snapshot on Friday. I continue to do spiral reviews throughout my classes, so nothing will be forgot in 6th Grade Math!

Everyone have a great week, and like always please contact me if you have any questions.

Ms. Patsell 
Week of 1-5-2016

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!!!! I hope everyone enjoy their break and is ready to start school with full force! This week will be learning about one-step equation, the foundation of algebra! This week is crucial to build a solid first block of solving one-step equations the correct way. We will end this week with a One-Step Equation Snapshot. I will not be giving homework this week but January 11th homework will be given every week on Monday.

Please do not hesitate to communicate with myself for any reason.

Ms. Patsell

Week of 12-7-2015

We will continue on focusing and reviewing for our Winter Benchmark. Our Winter Benchmark is scheduled for Wednesday 12-9 and Thursday 12-10, giving students great amount of time to succeed on their test. Once again, there will be no homework, due to I do not want to overload students with work.

Have a great week!
Ms. Patsell

Week of 11-30-2015

I hope everyone had a great break. This week in math class will be learning about one-step equations, and algebra vocabulary. On Thursday, we will begin our Winter Benchmark Review. The Math Winter Benchmarks are set for Wednesday 11-9 and Thursday 11-10. The Winter Benchmark will cover a lot of Fractions, so during the Review Days, we will be re-focusing on Fractions and the many operations you can do with fractions.  Their will be no homework this week, due to English Benchmarks starting this week.

Please let me know if I can help in anyway!

Ms. Patsell

Week of 11-16-2015

It is our last full week of school for November and then we will be able to rest our brains for a little break. We will be completing our Decimal Practical Operations on Monday with a review day. I hope I haven't made my student to hungry during class with our restaurant paying activities. We will have our Decimal Operation Snapshot on Tuesday. We will begin our Properties Topic on Wednesday. To succeed on Properties, student must be reviewing properties definition nightly! Please double check with your student, that he or she is studying those definition.

Have a great week!
Ms. Patsell
Week of 11-9-2015

Student will continue working on practical problems in class. We will be practicing on fraction word problems on Monday with a Snapshot on Tuesday. Wednesday we will continue with word problems but involving decimals. Calculators are permitted this whole week.

I have attached homework under the tab and, like always, it will be due on Thursday

Have a great week!
Ms. Patsell

Week of 11-2-2015

I cannot believe its already November. Students will continue with fractions this week. We will be working on single and multi-step practical problems, with fractions, These practical problems will involve all math operations, multiplication, division, adding and subtracting. Math 6 will have no homework this week due to Tuesday parent-teacher conferences and the Carving Cove field trip on Friday. Our snapshot on practical problem is this Thursday.  As always, please contact me if needed.

Have a great week,
Ms. Patsell

Week of 10-26-2015

Students are working on Fractions this week. We will be practicing multiplying fractions and mixed this numbers on Tuesday. Wednesday we will learn how to divide fractions and mixed numbers. Students will practice multiplication and division of fractions on Thursday with a great review game. Friday, students will be putting their knowledge and skills to the test witb a snapshot 10-30-2015. I have attached Homework this week and, as always, it is due on Thursday. 

Have a great week everyone.
Ms. Patsell

Week of 10-19-2015

Happy second nine weeks to everyone! We are continuing our studies on Fraction, Decimal and Percent. We will complete our discussions on Tuesday with a FDP Snapshot. On Wednesday, we onto fractions. At first, we will learn how to multiply fractions, with models. Then we will take our knowledge of multiplying models and apply the rules of multiplying fractions. Our Flocabulary video, is a cool one this week, ask your students to rap it for you :) Homework is attached under the Homework Tab this week. Remember, homework is due on Thursday.

Ms. Patsell

Week of 10-12-2015

First and foremost, I am so very proud of my students and their hard work, reviewing and preparing themselves for FALL BENCHMARKS! Their hard work paid off! Now, we are on to Fraction, Decimal and Percent. This certain SOL a calculator is not permitted, so please remind students no calculators on homework this week and anytime they are reviewing FDP. October 16, this Friday is a early dismissal for students and that day we will be doing a fun and great Learning Day, study one topic in all subjects, and of course the pep rally before dismissal. I hope every enjoyed their weekend. Please contact me if needed for anything.
Remember I put a copy under the homework tab if needed.

Ms. Patsell

Announcements for the week of 10-5-2015

The MATH BENCHMARK is this Thursday, October 8. We will continue reviewing our four topics Monday - Wednesday this week. We will have Thursday and Friday for students to complete their math benchmark. I am not giving homework this week, I want students to focus on studying and understanding our math topics! Please let me know if I can help in anyway this week.

Ms. Patsell

Announcement for the week of 9-28-2015

My teacher webpage is up and ready. I will post homework every Monday under the Homework tab... Homework is given every Monday and due every Tuesday. Under the homework tab you can print off homework if needed. This week we are focusing on reviewing our four topics that has been covered since the beginning of the year... Integers, Perfect Squares/Exponents, Order of Operation and Ratio. Fall Benchmark is coming up soon, and I will post on my page when that date is announce.
I have enjoyed my September month at Stonewall Jackson, I beginning to feel at home. Please contact me if anything is needed.

Ms. Patsell