English assignments
Vocabulary routine: 
Monday: complete FRAME notes
Tuesday: complete puzzle page
every night: study the five new words
Sunday: review / study / complete all WS
Monday: ready for test / turn in HW

Voc. self-study: record words that are unfamiliar; Google for definitions / etymology

Library book report:
-complete the 5 elements of a fictional novel (plot, characters, theme, point of view, setting) 
-for nonfiction reading, summarize the 5 W's: who, what, where, when, why?
-read, read, read
-many books are available on online 
-reading a Scholastic Scope magazine is also recommended

Writing Workshop:
gr 6: HOLT p170 persuade the reader about your most unforgettable story in progress
        research report for science in progress

gr 7: research report for science in progress
        HOLT persuade reader about a memorable story

gr 8: research report for science in progress
        HOLT p148 persuade reader about a memorable experience of your life 
        VDOE prompt P4 essay writing and packet on advantages of earning money
        VDOE prompt unpack / paragraph on technology changes
        Microtype lesson due every week